Friday, July 26, 2013

Designer Inspired Lampshade

Designer Knock-off Lampshade

I got some "PINsperation" for this lamp shade from Mama Says Sew. They have a great tutorial here that I followed with a few small exceptions. I'm not going to rewrite the whole tutorial but I will let you know what I did differently. First of all, get comfortable in front of a movie or marathon of your favorite TV series because this takes some time!

I had an old, king size, white, flat sheet and I cut it in half. I dyed one of the halves pink with some Rit dye in the washer. Cut out a piece of fabric to cover the lamp shade and use the rest for tearing the strips. Some of my strips were slightly larger than the 1 inch recommended in tutorial = fatter flowers(swirls). The tutorial says you should not attach fabric to shade yet and then hold the flowers in your hand, glue and flip onto fabric. I believe it should read...flip and pray it landed in the right spot and didn't unravel! After flipping the first few, I changed my method because apparently I don't have the coordination for doing it that way. 

I used a light layer of spray adhesive and attached the fabric to my shade, if you don't have it on there straight, you can always re-position. Then hot glued the seam, top and bottom edges over.  I found the best way to get the glue on the flower is to hold the glue gun a few inches over it and move back and forth, letting the glue fall where you want it. Holding the flower in my hand, I grabbed the fabric covered shade and lowered it down into the glued flower. 

My lampshade doesn't look exactly like Mama Says Sew tutorial or the original Anthropologie one for that matter, but it works for me.

** original tutorial I followed from Mama Says Sew's blog

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  1. Hi Laura the lamp shade is beautiful and I love the Anthropologie store, it's one of my favorites!


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