Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Fleece Dog Bed

Making a simple fleece dog bed is SO easy! In fact, it's so easy you could make more than one. You could have one for upstairs, downstairs and this would make a perfect dog crate pad.

Fleece Dog Bed, Over The Apple Tree

This blog post about DIY'ing a dog bed is really an excuse to show off my crazy cute puppy! His name is Frankie and he's a Jack Russel mix.

Fleece Dog Bed, Over The Apple Tree

I found this fabric remnant for sale at Walmart for a couple bucks. I whipped this together one evening while watching tv. At the time, I wasn't thinking of doing a tutorial, so I never actually measured it. You can get a piece of fleece any size you want. Remember, if you're trying to fit to the size of a crate, make sure to add a couple inches to your measurement to account for puffing up stuffing and seam allowance. My finished bed measures 21x26

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