Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Super Squishy Crochet Bear

My daughter saw a crochet bear made with Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn at a craft show that she loved. When I spotted the yarn on sale on Black Friday, I thought now was the time to give the bear a try. I could not find a pattern with this kind of yarn that I liked, so I sat down and started experimenting. 

I love how this crochet bear turned out! I'm thinking I'll have to make another bear because my kids have been trying to work out how to share custody of him. This post is for inspiration only, I don't have plans to post a pattern. Check out more of my crochet projects here!

Super Squishy Crochet Bear by Over The Apple Tree

Super Squishy Crochet Bear by Over The Apple Tree

Note to readers:
First of all, I 'd like to thank everyone for all the lovely comments that have been left about my bear. Tons of people here on this post and through private messages have expressed an interest in the pattern, which I take as an amazing compliment. Unfortunately, as I've replied to such requests, a pattern is not available.

You might be interested in these projects on Ravelry.

I've never advertised anywhere that this pattern was available free or otherwise. If you've seen that somewhere, it was not posted by me. If you see my photo of this bear saying there is a pattern available, it's not my pattern.  I don't even have this pattern typed up on my computer, I scribbled it in my notebook as I made it up. If it is posted somewhere that a pattern for this specific bear is being offered, a simple heads up so I could notify the poster of their mistake would be appreciated. Thank You!

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