Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Crochet Trend: Crossbody Bum Bag

Crochet Trend: Crossbody Bum Bag- Over The Apple Tree

Crochet trends spread fast in social media groups. The latest one is this crossbody bag made with 4 granny squares. There are a few versions floating around but my favorite was the Juniper Festival Crossbody Bum Bag by Casey Crochet. It's a paid pattern and is available on Etsy and Ravelry. I liked this one the best because it uses the sunburst granny square which I've used in other projects before and LOVE. Also, I really liked the look of the strap she designed. These bags are meant to be like fanny packs but worn as crossbody bags.

Obviously, I'm not writing this blog post to give out the pattern, you'll have to purchase that yourself. I do want to show what my finished one looks like and try to explain how I added the lining. This blog post has been updated with more photos and more detailed instructions.

I will be offering a limited number of these bags for sale in my Etsy shop

Crochet Trend: Crossbody Bum Bag- Over The Apple Tree

Crochet Trend: Crossbody Bum Bag- Over The Apple Tree

This design is pretty simple and honestly, I considered just throwing my own version together instead of buying the pattern but I'm happy to spend $6 and save myself the headache! I mean, have you ever written your own pattern? There's a reason people charge money for them, they take a LOT of time. Not only do you have to trial and error the project until you get it perfect, but then you have to type it up for yourself or other people to understand! It always takes longer than you think and inevitably you wonder "what was I thinking?"

Friday, November 5, 2021

DIY Faux Leather Tags

 Easy faux leather tags for crochet and knit items!

DIY Faux Leather Tags, Over The Apple Tree

DIY Faux Leather Tags, Over The Apple Tree

I've been looking at getting leather tags for my hats forever! There are SOOOO many options on Etsy and online groups are always offering great recommendations. I've just been having such a hard time deciding on a design. It's hard to pull the trigger without really knowing how it'll come out. This morning I said I'm just going to finally pick one and try it. The people who make these are pros and I can't imagine it wouldn't look good, no matter what I decide.

Shortly thereafter, I fell down a Google rabbit hole and got the great idea to try and DIY some tags for fun. I've actually done labels before using an iron-on transfer. Sometimes these crazy ideas work out!

Monday, May 24, 2021

Mending Jeans Sashiko Style

 A great pair of jeans is hard to find! When my perfect jeans break, I try anything I can to save them. Usually, the part I want to fix isn't front and center so this pair presented a unique challenge. 

So, I purchased these jeans already distressed. They looked cool but it wasn't long before the threads all broke and the opening at the knees started to rip when I sat down. I do think these distressed jeans look fine on other people but I just can't feel comfortable with giant gaping holes in my pants! Since the holes were so large and right in the front, I wanted to patch them, but do it in a cool way that looked intentionally fashionable. Hopefully, I achieved that and I'm not just fooling myself, LOL! 

Friday, April 16, 2021

Custom Thank You Cards For Etsy

Make your own thank you cards for your Etsy shop
with a custom QR code

I've been including a little printed thank you card with all my Etsy packages, kinda generic...thank you for your purchase, contact me with any questions, follow me on social media, blah, blah, blah. I've been wanting to redo these cards for a while. I did them in a hurry and they didn't really reflect my brand. Also, it was impossible to include all the ways for people to find me online and let's be honest, these probably ended up in the trash without serving any purpose:-( I may never get repeat customers if they can't find me again or don't know I'm working on new products!

Custom Thank You Cards for Etsy with QR code, Over The Apple Tree

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

DIY TV Audio Scoops

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this...downward-facing speakers on TVs appear to be a major design flaw! This easy and cheap DIY can help.

DIY TV Audio Scoops, Over The Apple Tree

This isn't my usual kind of post, but bear with me, you might need this!

So, I bought this little TV a couple years ago for our living room. The big monster TV is in the family room, so this one is extra for the kids to watch their shows or for me when they take over the family room with video games. In addition to the downward-facing speakers, this room is big and open with vaulted ceilings. I was always having to crank up the volume and felt like I could still not hear it. Somehow everyone else in the entire house could hear it louder than the person actually watching it. One day I resorted to placing a cardboard tri-fold project board behind it to deflect the sound forward. It looked hideous, but it worked.

DIY TV Audio Scoops, Over The Apple Tree
Curious about this table my TV is on? Find it HERE

I've been thinking there has to be a better(more attractive) way. I have a proper soundbar that I hooked up and whether it was operator error or it just wasn't compatible, it didn't work. I hopped onto Amazon thinking if there's a solution, they have to have it. I found it!!! There is a product that is 2 pieces of curved plastic that velcros to the back of the television and deflects the sound forward. Happy day, this is exactly what I was looking for...wait, $16? For 2 pieces of plastic? Seriously? Good for them for coming up with this genius idea and making a buck, but I just can't. Back to my project board rig.

Then, inspiration struck, I can use a plastic placemat! It's firm but still flexible and I can cut it to size. While looking for a placemat, I realized I don't want some cheesy pattern and I couldn't find plain black. I was walking the isles looking for an alternative and spotted it! A black poly school folder is exactly what I needed!!!

  • Plastic poly folder
  • Stick on velcro
  • scissors
Pretty self explanatory here, just cut the folder in half and cut off the pockets. Hold it up to your TV to get the right size and placement. Stick it on there!

DIY TV Audio Scoops, Over The Apple Tree

DIY TV Audio Scoops, Over The Apple Tree
  • Leave the folder pieces a little big, you can trim it as you go. You can always make it smaller, can't make it bigger
  • Stick the velcro front and back together and place on the folder piece, then stick it to the TV where you want it. This eliminates trying to line it all up and having to reposition the velcro.
  • I have my TV on a tabletop so the plastic pieces curve where it touches the table. If you have a wall-mounted TV, you will need to see if you can bend the plastic folder pieces so they stay in a "scooped" position forward.
DIY TV Audio Scoops, Over The Apple Tree

DIY TV Audio Scoops, Over The Apple Tree

Do you think this is a great idea but you're not into cheap DIY? 
I'm all for giving credit where credit is due! Here are the products that inspired me.

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