Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Bathroom Makeover

Weekend Project - Easy Bathroom Makeover

I'm not sure why it took so long to fix this bathroom. I guess I didn't mind the brown that was there and compared to the ugliness in the rest of the house when we moved in four years ago, this little space was the least of my worries. What finally gave me motivation were all the mirror framing tutorials on Pinterest. It's genius really...I enjoy having the large mirrors that they put into all these newer homes but they aren't very attractive and we all end up with the same builder grade fixtures. Also, it's a huge money saver to work with what you got!

First things first, get rid of the ugly brown. This is Provincial Cocoa Rose from Walmart.

Now on to the mirror! Here's how we did it(by we, of course I mean my husband did it and I supervised)
  • measure the mirror and go pick up some wood trim and liquid nail
  • cut trim to size of mirror and cut 45 degree angles in corners so it all fits together
  • paint trim front and at least half of the back because you will see the refection of the backside in the mirror
  • using the liquid nail and starting with the bottom piece, stick the molding right on top of the mirror, hold in place with painter's tape.
  • Allow liquid nail to dry, this could take up to two days
  • not an expert cutting those angles? Wood filler is your friend! Fill in the gaps, allow to dry and touch up paint
Here is a great tutorial from This Thrifty House showing the method we used.

This is another way to frame with no angles from Our Suburban Cottage that actually looks much easier but I didn't see this one till it was too time!

The new valance took just minutes...I used a scrap of soft, lacy, black fabric that I already had. Fold down about 2 inches and sew straight line across to make the pocket for the curtain rod. I spray painted a regular white metal curtain rod black so that it wouldn't show through the lace. After I hung curtain, I used some coordinating ribbon wrapped around and tied in a bow to pull it up a little bit which help to disguise the rough bottom edge.

These three things made a huge difference in our bathroom and I'm so glad we finally got it done. Now I need to do something about the ugly counter top!

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