Sunday, August 11, 2013

Simple driftwood wind chimes

I decided how to show off my beach souvenirs from various vacations with this easy project and add some decor to my outdoor space.

Driftwood Chimes, Over The Apple Tree

First I gathered my supplies and the remnants of the beach I brought home from my last beach day. Of course being in Charleston, SC I am spoiled and have access to the beach all the time. The good thing about this project is that you could literally use any type of rocks, shells, sticks, beads, or even interesting coins. Just be creative and think of how you can use it to display those little things you or your child collect on hikes or vacation. 

Driftwood Chimes, Over The Apple TreeI purchased a small candle holder ($1 from Goodwill) to use for the top portion to hang the chimes, a pendant charm to dangle at the end, and some hemp string to tie it all together. The wind chimes themselves were cheap plain chimes I found for $5 at World Market.

I disassembled the chimes first. Then I started by taking each chime and tying on the decorative items. I used sea glass from the beaches of Italy, driftwood from the beaches of Charleston, and shells from the beaches of Belize. After I tied on each item to a chime I hung the longest chime the lowest onto the  "hanger" fashioned from the candle holder. After this I hung each chime higher than the next forming a spiral around the circle. 

When I finished I took the metal pieces from the original chimes that create the noise and tied those on a long piece of string with the weighted pendant on the end. This string hangs in the middle and is what clinks against the chimes to make the noise. 

Now my beach treasures aren't sitting in a box forgotten anymore!

Driftwood Chimes, Over The Apple Tree
Project contributed by Tara

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  1. These are gorgeous! I'm going to redo my daughter's room soon in an ocean theme, and I'm Pinning this! I found you through your sweet comment on our blog and stopped on by. I'm now a follower!


    1. Thank you Jessica for the lovely comments and follows! I can't wait to see more great posts on your blog.


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