Monday, August 19, 2013

Fabric Memo Board

DIY Fabric & Ribbon Memo Board

( OK, I know I didn't reinvent the wheel here. There are a billion memo board tutorials out there...but mine is cool zebra print!)

Fabric Memo Board >> Over The Apple Tree

I went to the Goodwill Saturday sale, and wouldn't ya know, they had an ugly canvas painting for a couple bucks...SCORE! I love to upcycle thrift store finds. My teen neighbor has been redecorating her room and her birthday is coming up, of course I had to make something! I love memo/bulletin boards. You can display photos, artwork, papers you don't want to loose, all without poking holes into your walls. I got my son a huge cork board for his own room because he's an artist and always has something to hang. Since this gift is for a girl, I needed to style it up.

Fabric Memo Board >> Over The Apple Tree

  • stretched art canvas(new or do what I did and check thrift stores)
  • fabric
  • batting
  • buttons
  • staple gun
Lay canvas face down on batting. Cut batting so there's enough to cover sides when it's folded back. Now lay canvas and batting on top of fabric. Cut so there's enough fabric to reach around to the back of the frame and edges to be folded under. Fold the rough edge of your fabric under, wrap around to the back and staple, doing the center of each side first then move your way to the corners.

Fabric Memo Board >> Over The Apple Tree

Decide how you want the ribbon and lay on top of fabric. Secure outer edges with tape and flip over. You can also cover with foam core board and flip both together to help all the ribbons stay in place.

Fabric Memo Board >> Over The Apple Tree

I used a lighter to melt the edges of the ribbon just to make extra sure they wouldn't fray and then folded under the edges and secured with staple.

Fabric Memo Board >> Over The Apple Tree

The last thing to do is attach buttons where the ribbon crosses with needle and thread, go right through the canvas and tie in back. You could also attach a saw tooth picture hanger.

Fabric Memo Board >> Over The Apple Tree

That's it, easy right? Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Your memo board is awesome!! I never would have thought to use an old canvas. That is literally genius! (And the zebra print is pretty cool too!)

    I would love for you to share this (and any other posts!) at my Life of the Party link up if you get a chance! Im going to poke around your blog a little more.


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