Saturday, May 9, 2015

Outdoor Citronella Candle

Quick 10 minute summer project for those of you without yards like me, or those of you who have glass bottles with no purpose.

DIY citronella candle, Over The Apple Tree

This St. Germain bottle is from a craft liqueur made from Elderflower blooms in France. Of course the bottle is gorgeous, it's French!

DIY citronella candle, Over The Apple Tree

I just couldn't throw it out and since there are more mosquitoes/sq. inch in Charleston, I needed an alternative to the citronella torches that repel bugs.

DIY citronella candle, Over The Apple Tree
I purchased some wicks and citronella oil by Tiki at Walmart for less than $10 total.

Using a funnel I poured the Tiki Torch Fuel into the bottle.

To hold the wick in place I unfolded a paperclip and threaded it through the wick about an inch from the top.

Place the wick in the bottle with the fuel oil and fold the edges of the paper clip down around the mouth of the bottle.

When you light this for the first time it will crackle and burn off smoke but the smoke is what keeps the bugs away!

Please use caution with this, treat it exactly like you would a Tiki Torch, it's flammable and if knocked over could start a fire. If you want a more secure candle, I suggest drilling a hole through the lid and threading the wick through it.

I recommend it be used as a centerpiece on an outdoor table or on a quiet porch or out of reach of small children!

DIY citronella candle, Over The Apple Tree

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