Monday, April 22, 2013

Creative Patches For Kid's Jeans

How To Make Kid's Jeans Last A Little Longer

If you have kids, you know what they do to their jeans and how the cost of new clothes can add up. Here are a couple cute ideas to stretch the life of those "ruined" pants.

Monster Mouth
The first idea is one I've seen floating around Pinterest and worked well with my son's pants that had a huge hole. Of course it started as a small rip and throughout the course of the day at school, he made it worse. These were really cool, distressed jeans that fit great and I hated to have to throw them out, so we tried the monster face. I used some scrap red fabric for the inside of the mouth and white felt for the eyes and teeth. Just cut red fabric a little bigger than the size of the hole and with the teeth, attach to inside of jeans with sewing machine. This took a little finesse, good thing these pants were baggy! Next cut circles for eyes and sew those on as well. My son thinks these are so cool and yippee, pants have been saved!

Flower Child
The hole in my daughter's pants was caught early, so it was still pretty small. I got a twill iron-on patch from Walmart's craft department. I wanted to style it up a bit so, after we decided on flowers, I cut one big enough to cover the hole. Before ironing on, I used yellow thread in the sewing machine and went back and forth to make a yellow center for our flower. Then I used pink thread and stitched around the edge of flower.
I also cut out two additional flowers, just to even out the look on the other side and ironed on. These pants still fit in the waist but were starting to get a little short so, I just attached some lace and ribbon to the bottom cuff. This added the length we needed and looks really cute. 

Super Star
Another hole, of course. It was bound to happen with these ones, the denim was so thin. I got another iron-on patch and this time, cut out stars. Of course, just the knees needed to be done but why not go all out? After I ironed on, I went around the edges with some dimensional glitter craft paint. Afterward I wished I had done it with silver, but gold is what I already had in the house and seriously, a four year old doesn't really care what color the glitter is.

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