Friday, March 23, 2018

DIY Box Top Trophy

Trophy for the Box Tops For Education top class.

I'm so not one of those moms.You know who I mean, the PTO moms. They show up to all the meetings, they're the first names to appear on the signup genius, they have all the spirit gear and bring all the bake sale treats. Bless their hearts because I know our schools are better for them. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. It's not that I don't want to help and make my children's school experience the best it can be, I just have a hard time not cursing or showing all my emotions (especially annoyance) all over my face. They would definitely end up kicking me out.

When my school's PTO posted on Facebook that they would like someone to make a Box Tops For Education trophy, in a move totally out of character for me, I volunteered!

I always send my Box Tops into school. At a value of just 10 cents each, I didn't realize that it's actually a big fundraiser for our school. The more families you get to participate, the more money you make. The school rewards the class who brings in the most Box Tops. Even though I think my kids would be more motivated by candy, I have to admit the trophy is a pretty cute idea to get the students excited.

Take a look on Pinterest and you'll see a bunch more trophy ideas. You can use an old trophy or do what I did and gather some items, glue them together and spray paint it gold. 

DIY Box Top Trophy, Over The Apple Tree
Here's what I started with
DIY Box Top Trophy, Over The Apple Tree

DIY Box Top Trophy by Over The Apple Tree

DIY Box Top Trophy by Over The Apple Tree

DIY Box Top Trophy by Over The Apple Tree
Just a couple things to know:
  • I attached the sequins and paper with Mod Podge
  • I printed the box tops for the top of trophy on card stock
  • The big stuff is held together with super glue
  • The scissors on top are set in a base of hot glue to hold them upright but because hot glue won't stay stuck to a nonporous surface, I super glued that down as well. 
  • I also added the school name in the area under the blue ribbon but I took the pictures before that because all you strangers don't need to know where my kids go to school;)
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  1. That's so lovely - and well done for volunteering! I guess these box tops are a case of every little helps.

  2. Great DIY! Thanks for sharing with us at the To Grandmas House we go link party!

  3. Awesome DIY... I'm definitely not so talented ..
    Thanks for join us at #alittlebitofeverything linky party... remember to come back and share a comment on other bloggers post.

  4. This is such a cute idea! We used to collect box tops from all the grandparents to send to the kids schools too. Pinned.


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