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Summer Tube Tops

Thrift Store Refashion -Tube Tops

For some reason I'm really into tube tops this year. I actually found one in Goodwill but it didn't fit right and I wasn't crazy about the color anyway. I got to thinking I could probably make one...back to Goodwill we go! Here are two different styles I made.

T-Shirt Tube Top
T-shirt Tube Top by Over the Apple Tree
I started with an extra large, practically new t-shirt. First, I wanted to make it look a little more vintage, so I started by using a fine grit sandpaper to rub away some of the print. Resist the urge to hurry up & get this over with and rub lightly!

Oh, I was supposed to do it gently...yup, sanded a hole right through it!
After a wash, I cut straight across, just below the neck line and down the sides. Since this shirt was so big, I ended up taking a couple inches off the sides. If it was smaller  you could just cut off the sleeves and straight down under the sleeves.

Summer tube tops >> Over The Apple Tree

Summer tube tops >> Over The Apple Tree

Turn right sides together and sew straight down sides. Depending what size elastic you use( I think mine was 3/4), fold down top about 1 inch and sew to make the pocket for the elastic. Make sure you leave an opening to put the elastic in. After you feed the elastic through with a safety pin, secure the edges of elastic really good. At this point I would try it on and make sure the elastic is tight enough(yes I had to adjust mine!) Close opening.

If you lined up the bottom hem when you sewed the sides, you could leave it as is but mine was misshapen and also way too long. I just cut straight across the bottom for the length that I wanted. I didn't hem, just left the edge unfinished, but I did reinforce the seam on the sides so that it wouldn't unravel.

Summer tube tops >> Over The Apple Tree

Skirt Into Tube Top
Turn a skirt into a summer tube top by Over the Apple Tree

Summer tube tops >> Over The Apple Tree

*I always to forget to do the before pictures, but you get the idea, it's a skirt!

This is a size small, A line, rayon, dress skirt. When I pulled it up and under my arms, the elastic waist happened to fit perfectly. Really, really happy about that because sewing rayon isn't fun for me!

Next thing to do is decide where you want the elastic for the waist to go. Put it on and stand in front of a mirror so you can get a better idea. Use a safety pin to mark the spot. You need to sew a pocket for the elastic waist.

Summer tube tops >> Over The Apple Tree

Summer tube tops >> Over The Apple Tree

 Best way to do this is:
  1. Lay the skirt flat on ironing board, right side out. 
  2. Fold the bottom edge up all around, the fold should be where you put the safety pin. 
  3. Make sure it's even all around and iron along fold. 
  4. Insert pins along fold so it doesn't slip when you're sewing
  5. Sew along fold leaving enough space for your elastic to fit in and leaving an opening to get the elastic in there. I used 1/4 inch elastic for mine.
  6. Insert elastic, sew ends together.
Again, throw this on and make sure the elastic is tight enough before you close up the opening(yes, I had to adjust mine...again!!)

Summer tube tops >> Over The Apple Tree
This is what it looks like laying flat with elastic in waist

Summer tube tops >> Over The Apple Tree

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  1. Cute idea! I love using t-shirts for new tops and using a skirt is a good idea as well. I will have to try that out. Thanks

  2. Never would have guessed it was a skirt...very flattering.

  3. Hi and wow, this is such a great idea and I love how your tops. I saw it on craft-o-maniac.
    Julie from


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