Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sock Monkey Tutorial

You Can Make Your Own Sock Monkey!

I thought it would be a fun project for the kids and I to make sock creatures. I saw some cool patterned socks at the dollar store(anything for a dollar is sweet!) and started looking for easy to follow patterns. There are plenty online but I also checked the library* for kid friendly project books.

I originally started to follow this really good sock monkey tutorial I found on Pinterest, but then I started to veer off in my own direction. I will say, after doing a different sock creature where I cut out then sewed pieces together, the idea of sewing first and then cutting is totally genius!

Lay your two socks like this(inside out) and press with an iron. Mark out your pattern. These are the lines you are going to cut. Sew inside the lines. When sewing the legs, leave an opening about 2 inches in the crotch. This is where you're going to stuff the filling.

Cut out all your parts, turn right side out and stuff body, legs, tail, and arms. For the ears, I didn't stuff but after they were turned right side out, I stitches inside ear with sewing machine to give a little dimension.

After I closed up the legs, I started on the face. I went across the top first, stuffed, then closed up across the bottom folding under the rough cut edges as I went.

 To attach the ears, I made a horizontal cut where I wanted them to go, then pinched the ear in half, inserted and stitched in place.

The last thing to do is attach arms and tail. Again I folded the rough cut edges inside so it would have a more clean look. Done!

Check out all our sock creations! There are no rules, this is supposed to be a fun project. If My 12 yr old son can do, it anyone can.

***As "sweet" as dollar store socks are, they are in the dollar store for a reason. They are a little thin and when I ironed this pair for the monkey they actually melted a little! If I was doing this for as gift I would definitely use better quality socks.***

Side Note: The library is one of my very favorite places! I go there at least once a week, sometimes more. If you haven't visited a public library since you were learning the Dewey Decimal System and digging through the card catalog, they have definitely changed with the times. In addition to books, my library has all the new release movies and through their website you can find eBooks, audio books, music, eLearning tools and much more. Go check yours out!

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