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Child Safety Tips

My friends at Child Safe, a childproofing/babyproofing company in the South Denver area, have put together this fantastic list of safety tips for us! With back to school season upon us, it's a great time of year to review your family's safety rules and check your house for potential hazards you may have overlooked. After you read through these great tips, look for a free printable where you can keep track of your important phone numbers!
Child Safety Tips, Over The Apple Tree

Don’t put your child’s name on the outside of items such as backpacks or lunchboxes where a stranger could use this information to their advantage by acting like they know your child by name. Instead use their initials or something else to decorate backpacks / lunchboxes to help your child identify which one is theirs (ribbons, stickers, etc).  Teach your child about strangers and to never go anywhere with someone they do not know.  Consider using a family code or password and do not approach unfamiliar cars.  Know where and who your child is with at all times. 

Don’t leave your child unattended inside a car!  An alarming number of parents admit to leaving their child alone in a parked car.  According to, “dads are more likely to leave children in cars and bystanders see kids left in the cars but don’t always act.”  The temperature inside the car can raise up to 20 in 10 minutes (even if a window is cracked).  Parents leaving children in the car result in far too many tragedies from heatstroke, which can lead to devastating consequences. (National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration)

 Remember A.C.T.   
A: avoid heatstroke injury by never leaving your children alone in the car, not even for a minute 
C: create reminders by putting something next to your child’s car seat that you’ll need at your final stop (briefcase, phone, purse, etc 
T: Take action, if you see a child left alone in a car call 911 

“Pool Safely Pledge” summer is almost over but it's not to late to implement some of these pool safety tips if you aren't already. See more at: Pool Safety

  1. Designate a water watcher every single time children in my care are in or near the water.  
  2. Make sure my kids know how to swim.  
  3. As a parent or guardian, learn CPR.  
  4. Always remove portable pool ladders when not in use.  
  5. Ensure all permanent pools have a proper fence and gate and safe drain covers. 

 Bike Safety Tips for Babies With this beautiful summer weather, soon to transition into fall, it's a great time for families to ride bikes! (Tips courtesy of Safe Kids & The International Bicycle Fund) 
  1. Babies around 9 months old are just becoming strong enough to hold up their necks, so it is not recommended that infants younger than 12 months ride in a bicycle seat, trailer, sidecar or any other carrier 
  2.  Helmets should be round, not aero shape for infants.  The helmet should cover the forehead and not sit on the back of the head 
  3. Remember the rider for your infant in the bike seat may be much rougher that what you experience, so choose your route carefully 

Does your family have a fire escape plan?  Use this worksheet to create a fire escape plan with your kids so they know what to do in case of a fire Fire Escape Plan Worksheet

10 household hazards that are commonly overlooked According to…”Household injuries are one of the top reasons kids under age 3 visit the ER, and nearly 70% of the children who die from unintentional injuries at home are 4 years old and under. Young kids have the highest risk of being injured at home because that’s where they spend most of their time.” Take the time to childproof your home. The money will be well spend.  International Association For Child Safety is a great resource for childproofing and has professional licensed childproofers at your service.   
  1. Batteries (Button Batteries can cause severe injury or death!  These can be found in items such as musical books, greeting cards, hearing aids, calculators, holiday ornaments, games, and toys)  
  2. Washer /Dryer (being locked to prevent small children from climbing inside) 
  3. Hand Sanitizers (tend to be high alcohol concentration)  
  4. Laundry Pod packs (These can be very concentrated and toxic, even in small amounts and packets start to dissolve when in contact with water or saliva) 
  5. Magnets  
  6. Falling TV’s 
  7. Windows (2nd story or higher) 
  8. Scissors 
  9. Stove-tops 
  10. Trash (spoiled foods, sharp objects, plastic wrappings) 

Gun Safety! Unfortunately we see in the news all too often a child getting a hold of a gun. These accidental shooting can be prevented by purchasing a $12.00 gun lock and making sure it’s used every time. Although we can’t dictate what happens at someone else’s home, we can be informed. Before leaving your child at a friend’s house, ASK if there are firearms in the home and how they are being secured.  

Just one dose, can kill Take a look around your house for medications, are they locked up, can your children reach them, maybe even are they being left on the counter. With some medications it will only take one pill to do the unspeakable. Most people will keep medication in an unlocked drawer or cabinet. Now they have medication safes that fit in your vanity drawer and will allow you access but not your little ones. It’s worth time to lock them up so your little ones can't accidentally get to them.   American Association of Poison Control Centers

Free Printable With cell phones, everyone has their contacts readily accessible, but it's still a good idea to have them written down for the kids or even babysitters in case of an emergency. Feel free to print my Important Numbers form and share with your friends!

Child Safe, childproofing company, Castle Rock, CO
"Child Safe is a childproofing business, based out of Castle Rock, Colorado. Our company performs in-home assessments of a customer’s home to identify all of their childproofing needs to make their home as safe as possible.  This is great for new parents, grandparents, caregivers, etc.  We also offer installation on the childproofing items the customer wishes to have in place if needed. This is great for the tired new parents that just don’t have the time and energy or handyman skills needed to do so themselves.  We have three children of our own and know just how important wanting to keep your child safe is!" 
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