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Winter Staycation

Winter Staycation

Winter Staycation, Over The Apple Tree
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Winter often means staying inside the house a lot more to keep out of the cold, but that doesn’t mean that you and your kids can’t still have a fun stay-at-home weekend!  Here are a few ideas for how to spend a snowy Saturday:

  • Cookie Decorating  Making cookies together is always fun, but why not try making cookies that you can decorate?  Roll out sugar cookie dough, and then use different cookie cutters to cut out cute shapes.  Kids will love decorating the cookies with a variety of colors of icing.  Sprinkles, crushed cookies, and small candies could all be good additions for adorning your cookies.
  • Have a Little Theme Party  You could have a small party for just you and your family at home.  One option could be an animal-themed bash with animal crackers and animal-shaped macaroni and cheese.  Use Zoo Pals plates to continue the animal theme.  You could even use foam plates to make your own animal masks.  First, take the plate and cut out holes for your eyes and mouth.  Then, use permanent markers in different colors to decorate your masks.  You could also use construction paper and glue to make the perfect animal mask.
  • Get Crafty  If you want to have a girls’ day, make homemade lip balm with your kids.  There are kits available, but there are also plenty of easy recipes online, too.  There are tons of flavors to choose from!  Having any kind of kit on hand is a great way to keep your kids busy on a particularly cold day.  From art-related to science-centric, activity kits come in all varieties.
  • Old Movie Night  Choose several old movies that you want to introduce your kids to and have a movie night.  Get the popcorn ready, and you’ll be good to go!

Winter can be just as enjoyable as summer, you just need to get creative sometimes.  These ideas can help keep you and your kids busy when the weather is just a little too bitter to venture out into the cold.

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Thanks Katie, these are some great ideas! Head on over to Hefty's website and check out the Kitchen Pitch-In tab for more great stuff.

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  1. What fun ideas! Especially for this long, cold winter! Love it! :)

  2. I completely agree! We love staycations! Thanks for the great tips and for sharing on Sunday FUNday!


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