Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Start 2014 out on a Clean Note!

2014 is here and it's that time of year when people start their New Year's resolutions. This year my goals aren't about me so much as about my home. January is the perfect time to get a head start on the "spring clean". Why wait till the weather is nice to get your home clean and in order? Now that the holidays are over, I have the urge to clean and decrease the clutter around my home.

This spice shelf needs serious attention
No wonder I can never find anything for dinner!
There are plenty of places to start but I'm tackling the biggest of my troubles and that's the kitchen. Just take a look at these horrific images that I can't believe I'm showing!

When I worked on this ranch in Buena Vista, CO the owner, who is somewhat of a superwoman, made a point of deep cleaning the pots, pans, and cookware each season to extend the life of each piece. Now that I've invested in a few nice peices of cookware I really want to make an effort to do the same. Recently I found the time and the ambition to start this resolution!

BarKeeper's Friend & Dr. Bronners

        • Bar Keeper's Friend
        • Dr. Bronner's Organic Castile Soap 
        • Scrubber
        • Ball of foil
        • Gloves*
        • Dirty stainless or glass pots or pans
            • Make a paste using the power and soap
            • Grab your scrubber and get to work
            • Use the ball of foil for really tough, thick crud
This method works great on STAINLESS and GLASS cookware. I do NOT recommend it for non-stick surfaces because you will likely wear away the coating. I tried it on my cookie sheets and it did not touch the stains at all. Next on the list to try is the Pinterest suggestion of Hydrogen Peroxide/Baking Soda combo.

*Unless you want a layer of skin to peel off your hands, please wear gloves! I'll spare you the image of my poor hands and their current state of exfoliation.

**My concoction doesn't eliminate good, hard scrubbing from the equation but it definitely made it a little easier than I had expected. All in all it took me an hour to clean about ten pots and dishes.

Cleaning tips at Over The Apple Tree
My Grandmother's bread pan before

Cleaning tips at Over The Apple Tree
After some good hard scrubbing they look brand new

Cleaning Tips at Over The Apple Tree
Cleaning tips at Over The Apple Tree
After the hard work!

Readers: Do you have a "magic bullet" or personal method for cleaning in the kitchen that you recommend? Share you thoughts in the comments below!

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