Monday, August 26, 2013

Grilled Zucchini

Do you have tons of zucchini?

It's that season, zucchini recipes are popping up all over Pinterest. We're all trying to find ways to use up these freakishly huge zucchinis that have taken over the gardens. Ok, I don't have a garden cause I kill everything, but my neighbors gave me two monsters! First I made some meatballs and added in some shredded zucchini to trick my kids and up the nutritional value. Next I made zucchini banana bread. It was so delicious I ate almost a whole loaf myself in one day. I was considering making a pie with the other but I was actually just craving something healthy after my carb overload from the day before. Getting creative with food is fun but sometimes it's cool to just keep it simple. It is a vegetable after all, what's wrong with eating it as a veggie with your meal?

This zucchini was about 3 inches in diameter so instead of doing wedges I just sliced it about 1/2 in. think

Coat your slices with some olive oil or butter and some all purpose seasoning.
I used Mrs. Dash and a little salt

Now toss on a hot grill and do each side a few minutes. Cook time depends how thick you slice and how firm you want it. I like mine with some crunch left.

I was planning on making beef and broccoli, then realized I was out of broccoli, so I diced this up and used as a substitute.

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  1. Marinate in Italian dressing then throw it on the grill.


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